Small Group Fitness

Our small group fitness classes will have you feeling empowered and strong! You will not only experience what you can physically do but also be able to connect your mind with your body to achieve the strongest version of you!

We offer a variety of classes from functional kickboxing, strength training, cardio kickboxing, circuit & a combination!

Learn more about the class structures below.

FFB® Strength

Strength training utilizing functional movements that will keep you active and doing the things you love to do like hiking, biking, tennis, etc. This workout uses a variety of weights, TRX suspension, and resistance in order to activate muscle fibers, increase muscle endurance, strength, speed, and power! Ultimately, you become a stronger, fitter YOU!

FFB® Kickboxing

A functional kickboxing workout consisting of cardio, strength, coordination and balance. Utilizing a kickboxing bag; this class will leave you feeling empowered!  Proper technique, and modifications are provided so that all fitness levels may participate with confidence!

FFB® Cardio Kickboxing

An action-packed, high intensity fast twitch muscle workout that combines a series of punching and kicking combinations. This cardio-kickboxing workout will improve your cardiovascular system, strength, muscle tone and endurance! Get ready to burn some calories and build your confidence!

FFB® Barre

This workout is very unique and one thing you’re likely to notice is the balance and mobility training incorporated by different movements derived from ballet! However, this is not a dance class – rather a workout utilizing light weights for toning, lengthening, & strengthening your supporting muscles!

FFB® Mix

The best class to try first! It’s a mixture of 3 of our signature workouts: FFB® Cardio Kickboxing, FFB® Kickboxing, FFB® Strength or FFB® Barre. An action packed class combining strength & stamina, movement & balance for a fit and healthy brain & body!!


A workout utilizing the amazing suspension training straps (TRX) that allow you to use your body weight as resistance! With this tool you have the ability to give yourself more or less resistance throughout the whole class! This class is great for everyone – beginners to fit fanatics!

FFB® Circuit

Your true circuit style class where you get to use a variety of different equipment around the room for strength training, endurance, kickboxing, HIIT, cardio, & more! Get ready to get sweaty!

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