Boutique Fitness Franchise that Changes Lives from the Inside Out!

Sonja Steward
Sonja StewardCo-Owner & Founder 2000
Haelin Steward
Haelin StewardCo-Owner & Master Trainer

FIT/ology Fitness Boutique is a unique opportunity for those passionate about helping others with their fitness journey!

FIT/ology Fitness Boutique sets itself apart from other fitness franchises by equipping certified trainers to put their fitness knowledge to work designing science based workouts for their participants. Workouts are not choreographed and repeated over and over again!! FIT/ology Fitness keeps every workout fresh and designed specifically for the clients participating in class focusing on proper technique.

SONJA STEWARD, President, FIT/ology Fitness Franchise Systems, LLC. Author of “Find Your FIT! “Get Excited About Your Health,Your Age, and Your Future”  Fitpreneuer Speaker, Sonja has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years owning her on fitness studio! Sonja started her fitness career with TaeBo® creator Billy Blanks as a Master Trainer. She was blessed to be invited to participate in many of Billy Blank’s Fitness Videos such as Billy’s Bootcamp, and PT 24/7. Sonja is a Certified Functional Aging Specialist, TRX Specialist and C0-Owner of FIT/ology Fitness Boutique and Creator of the FIT/ology Signature workouts: BOX/ology, and KICK/ology. She is the mother of two amazing daughters, Haelin & Morghan, who share in her love of helping others through inspiration!

HAELIN STEWARD, Founder and CO-Owner of FIT/ology Fitness Boutique, Vice President of FIT/ology Fitness Franchise Systems, LLC, creator of STRENGTH/ology, & a Master Trainer for FIT/ology Fitness Boutique. She has a passion for helping as many people achieve their fullest potential in their health & fitness by providing the most welcoming & communal workout atmosphere. Haelin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science among many fitness certifications including Personal Training, TRX Suspension, & Pilates. In 2019, Haelin developed & designed the branding for FIT/ology Fitness Boutique that you see in front of you today. She sought to put together a brand & studio space that welcomes you in, provides a non-judgmental space, & gives a feeling of community.

WHY OWN a FIT/ology Fitness Boutique Franchise?

We have paved the way for you to be a success! The wave of the future of fitness is in the small boutique fitness studio focusing on the client first! We will assist you every step of the way from choosing a good location, to personally training your team of staff and FIT/ology Fitness instructors! Along the way, we will help you with lease negotiation (if needed), setting up your studio floor plan, ordering the fun stuff to fill your space, creating the list of equipment you’ll need, marketing, and helping launch YOUR FIT/ology Fitness Boutique business with a grand opening.

How does FIT/ology Fitness Boutique Set Itself Apart from the Competition?

  • We provide a variety of workout types under one roof! Therefore, your client will not need to have a kickboxing membership, a barre membership, a yoga membership, etc. Our FIT/ology® signature workouts: BOX/ology ®, KICK/ology®, STRENGTH/ology, BARRE/ology, STRETCH/ology, FIT HIIT TRX, FIT Circuit and MIX/ology cover all aspects of fitness training: Cardiorespiratory, Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Balance, Mobility and Cognitive!
  • No high-pressure sales! We have a great sales process for you when needed, but our workouts sell themselves!! We also have systems set up to help people from all walks of life from a mom who has never thought about working out until she’s had a baby and needs help getting her “before babies” body back, or a grandma who wants to gain strength to keep up with her grandkids, or a teenager with anxiety or anger issues that needs to release stress by kicking and hitting a kickboxing bag! I could go on, but I hope you get the idea!!
  • An atmosphere that is welcoming! A community that encourages, is kind, and lifts others up! Our retention numbers are fantastic! We have clients that have been with us for 5, 10 and 20 Plus years!
  • We will not sell franchises, just to sell franchises!! We are looking for the right FIT! Someone who has integrity, a passion for fitness and a willingness to learn our systems, and a love for others!!

FIT/ology Fitness Boutique Income Streams:

  1. Group Fitness Memberships
  2. Small Group Fitness Memberships
  3. Introductory Workshops
  4. Challenges
  5. Personal Training
  6. Virtual Online Platform
  7. Supplement Line
  8. Clothing & Gear Line of Products
  9. Healing CBD Line of Products (optional)
  10. Child Sitting (babysitter watching kids)

If you feel that you are a good FIT to own a FIT/ology Fitness Boutique, please email us at [email protected] for an initial application to see if you qualify.

FIT/ology Fitness Boutique Signature Workouts

BOX/ology Classes

A kickboxing workout consisting of cardio, strength, coordination and balance. A BOX/ology workout will leave you feeling empowered from kicking and punching a kickboxing bag!  Proper technique, and modifications are provided so that all fitness levels may participate with confidence!


Multi – Dimensional strength training utilizing functional movements that will keep you active and doing the things you love to do like hiking, biking, tennis, etc. This workout uses a variety of weights, TRX suspension, and resistance in order to activate muscle fibers, increase muscle endurance, strength, speed, and power! Ultimately, you become a stronger, fitter YOU!


An action-packed, high intensity fast twitch muscle workout that combines a series of punching and kicking combinations. This workout will improve your cardiovascular system, strength, muscle tone and endurance! Get ready to burn some calories and build your confidence!


The best class to try first!! It’s a mixture of 3 of our signature workouts: KICK/ology, BOX/ology, STRENGTH/ology or BARRE/ology. Action packed class combining strength & stamina, movement & balance for a fit and healthy brain & body!!


Life is an adventure, and you want to be ready to take on whatever opportunities that may come along. This means we need to train for a wide variety of physical activities. This workout is very unique and one thing you’re likely to notice is that balance and mobility training incorporates different movements than the typical exercises you are accustomed to! This workout is dynamic utilizing light weights and fun with unique tasks and motions!

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Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals