Fight the Good Fight for Fitness with Faith

What makes FIT/ology stand out?

FIT/ology is locally owned by mother daughter duo, Sonja and Haelin Steward. Sonja started her very first fitness business back in 2000 to help mom’s get their “before babies” body back because that is what fitness did for her! Haelin grew up in her mother’s gym and grew the same passion for fitness and helping people! She graduated from Mesa University with a Bachelor of Exercise Science Degree with a specialty in Personal Training. They have now teamed up together to create a welcoming boutique fitness space for all fitness levels.

Sonja built her business from the ground up! She knows that God’s purpose for her is to use her spirit and fitness experiences to help others find their FIT! Over the years Sonja and Haelin have helped hundreds of people find a love for fitness and gain a love for their bodies.

You will very rarely (if ever) repeat a workout at FIT/ology! Our team of instructors have the flexibility to design their own workouts with the clients in mind! This is unlike many other group fitness classes that are choreographed and repeated over and over again. Our team develops workouts that hit 6 areas of physical fitness function including your balance, mobility, coordination, cognitive and emotional responses, muscle strength and cardio fitness. FIT/ology Fitness pushes you to connect your mind with your body to get the best overall results from the workout!!

We so look forward to meeting you!!


Sonja Steward
Sonja StewardCo-Owner & Founder 2000
Haelin Steward
Haelin StewardCo-Owner & Master Trainer
Heidi Castro
Heidi CastroInstructor
Susan Kamberos
Susan KamberosMaster Trainer & Certified Functional Aging Specialist
Julie Seagren
Julie SeagrenInstructor
Laura Walsh
Laura WalshMaster Trainer
Debi Goldberg
Debi GoldbergMaster Trainer
Ashley Andrien
Ashley AndrienInstructor


Flexible membership packages to suit all levels of training to help achieve your fitness goals